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Would you like to be a better version of yourself? Would you like to live a better life? Would you like to transition from good to better? How can you begin to change your life? Can you achieve these overnight? With a combination of Kaizen and the life audit wheel a key life improvement tool used by life coaches as highlighted in this book, you can be a better version of yourself. But more importantly, this book emphasized the fact that you can’t neglect taking time off to do the things that you enjoy every now and then also!


A compendium of original quotes that influence positive thinking, beliefs and living. This quote book is a compilation of 122 of my original wisdom nuggets created and shared with millions of people globally. The quotes therein are very powerful reference materials about: time, ignorance, education, learning, belief, life, love, laughter, gratitude, money, the human mind, happiness, prayer, family, planning, passion, progress, growth, etc.


Commanding your morning and your day, is very critical to your success each day. Commanding your morning opens you up to the power of spirituality, faith, hope, courage and boldness. Successful people daily command their morning and day. It’s a routine you also should not pass over each day. The knowledge gleaned from “The Morning Commander” will immediately transform your mind, body, day and life.


You are what you think. Re-write and Re-imprint new programs for a new transformative story. Start now, commit and consistently move towards the direction of your vision, mission and goals.

Along your successful pathway master and align your thoughts, beliefs, emotions, words, decisions, actions and results.

You can make incredible things happen in your life. It all starts with your thoughts.


An alphabetic exhalation of God. A unique form of prayer to deepen your relationship with a Higher Power. Prayer is good for your heart. Research show that while you pray, your heart rate decreases and your heartbeat becomes stronger. Prayer helps you express gratitude; with prayer, you are able to show gratitude for each day. Prayer gives you hope: In bad situations many people lose hope, when you lose hope, you also lose the ability to think rationally. Depression can set in and thoughts of suicide may creep in. Prayer, and the quiet reflection it provides, help you get to a better place where you recognize that despite whatever is troubling you, life is still good for you, compared to others. Happy praying.


The meaning of the grace of God. There is a link between prayer and healing. Medical studies have even concluded that patients who have other people to pray for them tend to fare better than those without such prayer support. Prayer helps you recognize that you are not alone. Prayer enables focus and concentration. Prayer helps us develop intimacy with God. Prayer is a dialogue with God. Prayer is first speaking to God and then silently listening to God or first listening to God and then speaking to God. Prayer is a spiritual and not a physical exercise; Because God is Spirit and anyone who wishes to connect with Him must do so in spirit and in truth. Happy praying.


What are affirmations and what is an affirmative prayer? What is prayer? Why do you pray? How do you pray? Prayer motivates you to seek solutions rather than simply complaining helplessly about your problems. Prayer changes perspectives, enables you see difficulties in a new light, which can contribute to stress reduction. Meditative prayer forces you to consider something other than your own problems. Prayer is like anything else—the more you do it, the more comfortable you become doing it. Prayer can be a very powerful weapon in your arsenal. If you start and end your day with prayer, you will be amazed at how your day turns out much better and smoother. Happy praying.


The power of psalms. Many people think that prayer is loading heaven with your requests, destroying and killing your enemies including the devil and all his agents, or spending hours on-end, telling God what you want, need and desire etc. Here are some of my answers: I personally believe that prayer is simply a medium of connecting and communicating with God. Prayer helps us receive and understand the mind, will and purpose of God. Prayer gives us a sneak preview into the mind of God about our future. Prayer gives clarity, direction and empowerment for the fulfillment of God’s will for you. Prayer helps us receive God’s promises. Happy praying.



Easily program your subconscious mind to evolve your being and live more purposefully, as you create the daily habit to be all you can be.

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